Sussex pet photographer


There is an indescribable kind of magic about the connection we have with our pets! “He was my best friend,” Alex said about his chocolate Labrador. “Not a single day went past where he didn’t make me smile or laugh about something he did; the look on his face or his simple pleasures of life like getting all muddy, hiding from me in the big grass, or sticking his nose in my face to check if I was asleep.

Adults lose the ability to play because they are conscious of what other people think of them. Children play and they are not at all embarrassed about what they do. Same with dogs, they do what they know best, being dogs, and they love it.

For instance, I remember, one day we were going for a walk, and he came back into view a different colour. If he could speak, the look on his face would say, look at me, dad! I’m all muddy. I’ve watched him repeatedly jumping into this smelly, dirty, muddy ditch, and then he would climb out to show me how dirty he was! They are utterly loyal without question and completely honest about their emotions. They will turn a rubbish day into sunshine!”

This is just one amazing dog story among a million others. What’s your story? How many times were you lost and found yourself in the pure light of a dog’s eyes?  I want to hear it all and turn that priceless connection into memories that you’ll cherish forever.